Free July 2019 Printable Calendar Template in PDF, Excel, Word

2019 July Calendar which is the peak month of the summer is comprised of 31 days. It is the seventh month of the year in the presently followed Gregorian calendar and also in the previously followed Julian calendar. As the month is comprised of the 31 days, which makes it the fourth month of the year having the 31 days length.

July 2019 Calendar

July 2019 Calendar

July is the month where the summer season is on its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is still the second month of the summer with the mediocre summer temperature. July is the month which officially starts the second half part of the year, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it can be considered as the season equivalent to the month of January.

2019 July Printable Calendar

July 2019 Printable Calendar

July is the month where the particular period of the season is called the Dog Days in the Northern Hemisphere since the weather there gets really hot and sultry. In the United Kingdom, this period is known as the Fence Month as this period is closed for the deer, and also in the month of July Japanese elections take place.

Origin of the July Month

July Blank Calendar 2019

July 2019 Blank Calendar

Well if we talk about the origination of the July’s month then it owes its name from the name of the Julius Cesar who was the Roman senate. The name July was given to this month in the honor of the Julius Cesar which is still followed as same in the currently followed Gregorian calendars.

2019 July Calendar PDF

July 2019 Calendar PDF

Many of you would be surprised to know that the month of July used to be called Quintillis when the year used to be of the 10 months. It meant the fifth period of the year when there was no month of January and February in the calendar and it used to be the 10 months year. Further, the Popular and the Ludi Apollinares used to be the two major in the month of July which is now missing from the modern Gregorian calendars.

Other Facts About the Month of July

July Portrait Calendar 2019

July 2019 Portrait Calendar

If you want to know about some other unknown facts about the month of July then you can get them from here. Here below we are mentioning some unknown facts about July which will help you in knowing the month from a closer view.

  • People who are born in the month of July have the birthstone as “ruby” which depicts the contentment.
  • Water Lily and the Larkspur are the two birth flowers for the people who are born in this particular month.
  • People having born in the month of upto 22 July are having the Cancer sign and 23 July onwards are Leo.
  • In the majority of the countries, July is celebrated as the monsoon season but there are some regions in the world, where there is almost no rainfall in the month of July and face the extreme drought.
  • July is the middle of the month and if we go specifically then July 3 is the particular date when it is the middle of the day.
  • July is one of those months which are used by people to give a name to their kids and thus you can see the wide numbers of the people with the name of July.
  • It may be a coincident or just an inauspicious fact that the majority of the United State’s presidents have died in the month of July.
  • The first ever atom bomb was tested in the month of July itself which may be regarded as the curse or the blessing to the humankind.
  • There is the only movie in the world name as “Born on the fourth of July” which have won the Oscar yet.

Special Days in July Month

2019 July Landscape Calendar

July 2019 Landscape Calendar

There are some other important days and the observations which fall in the month of July. If you want to have more information about the July month then you must make yourself aware of these special days.

Here below we are listing down those days for your concern.

  • National Doctor’s Day- July 1
  • World Forgiveness Day- July 7
  • World Population Day- 11 July
  • World Malala Day- July 12
  • International Day of Justice- 17 July
  • Nelson Mandela Day- 18 July
  • International Tiger Day- 29 July
  • Friendship Day- 30 July

Climate in the Month of July

2019 July Calendar With Holiday

Climate is the significant element of any given month as a month is specifically known by its climate’s specifications, and this is why the discussion of the climate is also significant.

July 2019 Calendar With Holiday

The climate for the month of July can be discussed in the same two Hemispheres which are the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, July can be considered as the second month of summer and is the hottest month in the entire year.

July Excel Calendar 2019

July 2019 Excel Calendar

In the United States the average temperature in the month of July can easily reach the mark of 34 degrees during the day, and at some regions, it can even go way beyond than this mark. The temperature may fall at night by 2 or 3 degrees in the comparison of the days. It is a perfect climate for the people who want to enjoy the summer on the beaches and want to migrate to cold places.

On the other hand in the Southern Hemisphere July is the second month of the winter, and thus in the region of Southern Hemisphere, you will witness just the opposite climate than the Northern Hemisphere.

For example, if you visit the Antarctica continent in the month of July then you will witness there the typical temperature of winter around -60 degrees or somewhat lower than that just, which is much cold than the northern hemisphere temperature in the month of January around. There was the time when the lowest temperature, which was recorded in the same region of Antarctica as 93 degree Celsius which was record-breaking back then.

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